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Book home ​office interior design consultation by Soul Interiors Design

"I am currently working  remotely and needed help setting up my home office space. I consulted with Gail via Zoom and she offered practical solutions in a supportive manner.


Not only did she make suggestions regarding furniture placement, she provided decorating suggestions and pointed out potential pitfalls that I wouldn't have otherwise considered. Decorating is not my forte and I felt heard, supported and energized to move forward.


Gail is knowledgeable, supportive and considerate and I look forward to working with her on another project."

- Susan Schultz, MBA

San Francisco, CA 

Two-Hour Virtual Home ​Office
Design Consultation

Now more than ever the significance of your home office and power of its environment to positively support your physical and mental well-being has become a priority. 


Spending hours each week in an unorganized, cramped, noisy or uninspiring  work space will eventually lead to a decrease in your motivation, creativity and ability to stay focused and energetic. 


So let us guide you with some thoughtful planning, a dash of creativity and a little humor during this two-hour Zoom consultation to create an inspiring and functional workspace that will set you up for success, increase your productivity and elevate your joy daily.


You will learn:

  • The best type and placement of furnishings for your space

  • The right ambient and task light sources to increase your energy and cognition

  • Ideas for color palettes and inspirational art 

  • Our best secrets for reducing clutter and staying organized

  • Keys to optimize your space for video calls 

  • Our favorite shopping resources to design a space you will love spending time in

You will garner the knowledge to avoid common issues such as:

  • Spending money on the wrong size or low quality furnishings 

  • Creating a space that does not represent your brand, personality or level of accomplishment

  • Purchasing lighting that creates glare or fatigue

  • Selecting wall colors that are dull or boring 

  • And lastly, spending hours researching vendors and manufacturers only to get stuck and take no action

Together, we will create an environment in which you thrive

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