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Gail E. Jamentz – Founder and Principal Designer at Soul Interiors Design

In-Person 1.5 Hour Consultation

With more than 19 years of experience in both residential and commercial design, as well as project management, I will guide you in evaluating and planning your next project so you can maximize your investment, save time sourcing and create a space that elevates your joy, well-being and productivity.  


We will discuss:

  • Your vision for your new space 

  • Your desired Scope of Work

  • The best vendors and workrooms for your job

  • An estimated Budget and Timeline

  • Any special requirements you have

  • Our business practices, policies and procedures

You will leave the meeting with: 

  • An action plan to move your project forward

  • An understanding of the financial commitment

  • A Welcome Packet detailing best practices for a successful remodel with Soul Interiors Design

Yes, Let's Discuss My Project

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