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Gail E. Jamentz – Founder and Principal Designer at Soul Interiors Design


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Gail E. Jamentz – Member of the National Kitchen & Bath Association

Member of the
National Kitchen & Bath Association

Gail E. Jamentz, Principal

Soul Interiors Design, LLC

I truly believe an architectural space is not simply four walls and a ceiling. It has the potential to be a unique, curated environment that will help you experience a more expansive, healthy and joyful life.

This belief guides my design work as I strive to create beautiful and functional interiors that support your wellness, elevate your prosperity and surround you with pleasure daily.

Perhaps you have never thought of interior design in such reverent terms, but to me: design matters. A lot.

Let's face it, any designer worth their salt (ok, did I just date myself with that phrase?) can create an attractive interior. That's easy. I strive to add another dimension.

What do I mean by this?

Whether it is an impressive office space that helps you retain new clients or patients more easily; a well-designed kitchen that enables you to cook healthy and delicious family meals; or a relaxing, elegant master suite that re-charges your energy and spirit daily, the built environment has the power to improve your life physically and emotionally. Everyday.

I have witnessed first-hand how a newly transformed interior -- whether a home or office -- positively affects my client's happiness, energy level, productivity, physical health and in many cases, financial success.

And it gives me SO much pleasure to know that I have helped them feel more confident, organized, joyful and successful.

This is my "WHY" I'm in business. This is what gets me up in the wee hours with creative ideas percolating in my mind.

So it is this passion in the power of the built environment, complemented by my formal four-year UCLA interior design education, my training with the International WELL Building Institute, as well as my finely trained eye as the grand-daughter of one of Manhattan's finest 100-year old antique and oriental rug dealers that informs my work.

My aesthetic has been described as timeless, colorful and curated, while I bring an innate elegance, color sense and respect for history to my projects having been blessed to grow up surrounded by beautiful antiques, attending art auctions and traveling abroad.

Complementing this background, I accrued years of commercial design experience with several Los Angeles-area design firms including Beverly Hills boutique hotel practice Cheryl Rowley Design, before establishing Soul Interiors Design, LLC, in 2001.

I am often asked why I named my business Soul Interiors Design rather than use my name like most designers.


I like to explain that I want my interiors to reflect your SOUL, or the essence of your personality and lifestyle, not mine. Your space should reveal your story. Your passion. Your heart. 

So I start by listening. A lot. I explore who you are and what makes you feel comfortable, happy, understood and healthy. What visually stimulates you enough to proclaim: "Yes! That's SO me!"

That's when I recognize I've hit the "gold."


And so begins the journey to create an amazing environment that enhances your relationships, your wellness, your success and ultimately ....your joy.

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