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Yes, it's true. 

With that in mind, we have prepared this complimentary e-book entitled " Avoiding 7 Costly Mistakes Clients Make When Hiring An Interior Designer" to give you insider industry tips on how to avoid common errors clients unknowingly make when hiring a designer.

We want you to feel empowered to begin your project knowing you have the insider tools to maximize your investment, save project time, and select the best interior designer for YOUR job.



Download “Avoiding 7 Costly Mistakes Clients Make When Hiring An Interior Designer”

You will learn:

  • How to REALLY interview a designer and not get seduced by a pretty portfolio;

  • Three KEY issues to consider when articulating your vision to a Designer;

  • What NOT to say when beginning your project;

  • Two things clients MUST do to stay in budget;

  • How to get your job completed FASTER and enjoy the process;

  • What you must REQUIRE in your Letter of Agreement with a Designer;

  • And, the ESSENTIAL discussion to have upfront to ensure a successful design project (and it’s not about money!)

You will garner the knowledge to avoid common issues such as:

  • Increased project budgets;

  • Costly job mistakes;

  • Miscommunications among team members;

  • Delayed building inspections;

  • Fabrication errors;

  • Stressful meetings;

  • And cancelled orders, among others.

Whether you plan to hire a designer this year or in the future, we want you to feel informed and prepared to begin your journey of creating a curated space that brings you joy and well being.  

By simply investing ten minutes reading this useful article you'll be taking the first step to guaranteeing an enjoyable and successful decorating or remodeling experience!

So don't miss out, just enter your information

and download our complimentary e-book today! You'll receive an email with a link to the information today. 

E-book by Gail E. Jamentz – Avoiding 7 Costly Mistakes Clients Make When Hiring An Interior Designer
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