7 Design Tips To Create A Home That Attracts More Love And Connection

Updated: Jul 27

Can you believe the Superbowl of Love is just two weeks away?

I know it's sappy...but I adore Valentine's Day!  I see it as a day to take time out and tell my friends, family, honey and clients how much I truly appreciate and care about them.  Because if you get right down to it, isn't that what life is REALLY about?  Relationships. Connection. Love. Fabulous wine. Ok, ok, I digress. You get my point.

So with that in mind, I'd like to share "7 Design Tips to Create a Home That Attracts More Love and Fosters Connection." I truly believe that by designing spaces which encourage connection, express your individuality and help present the BEST version of YOU to the world, you'll enjoy a more expansive life on many levels. So let's get started!

Blog post – 7 Design Tips To Create A Home That Attracts More Love And Connection

"be (love)d red" by Los Angeles artist Michael Hale features a charming verbal pun on the important emotion. www.Halearts.com.

Tip #1: Color

Selecting paint colors based on how you want to feel in a space is much more important than choosing hues based on current design trends.

Yes, yes, the East Coast Pantone Color gods predict what's "in" each January but if those hues don't resonate with you, you won't feel comfortable living in, or wearing them, for that matter. You want to be surrounded by colors that are in alignment with your personality and culture.

Numerous scientific studies show our bodies have a physiological reaction to color.  Have you ever noticed how your energy level, pulse rate, mental clarity and mood are different in a red room, than say a grey-blue room?

When you're in a space painted a warm color such as red or orange room, you're activated and move faster. And when you're surrounded by soothing greens or blues, you relax and typically feel more centered.

I recently refreshed a client's master bedroom from a sunny yellow to a deep marine blue. Now she says she sleeps deeper and feels more calm in the space.  I love hearing testimonies about the power of color!

Now if the idea of painting your four walls anything bolder than "beige-a-licious" scares you, (don't worry a lot of clients tell me that at first), try incorporating color on only one focal wall to start such as your headboard, dining or fireplace wall and have the flanking walls painted a neutral. This will give your home personality and a pop of color without being overwhelming.

Several great on-line tools to help you visualize your space with new paint color are: Dunn Edwards InstaColor, Sherwin-William's Color Snap Visualizer and Benjamin Moore's Personal Color Viewer

With any of these color visualization tools you just upload a picture of your room, pick a color, "paint" your room virtually and voila!  You have a transformed space. 

Quick Tip: ONLY use these virtual tools for "concept" as computer "paint" colors look slightly different than actual paint colors. Once you've narrowed down the hue you like, buy some small sample pots and paint out swatches in your home. Live with the swatches for a few days and notice how color changes throughout the day.

Dunn-Edward's on-line, complimentary color visualization tool InstaColor helps home owners virtually "paint" their room before purchasing. Photo: Dunn-Edwards Paints.

Tip #2: Furniture Layout

Furniture lining the perimeter of a room like a campfire circle doesn't promote connection.  Let's leave that to the girl scouts!  Rather, think about creating furniture groupings which will encourage intimate conversation and connection. I recommend about 18"- 24" inches in between sofas, side chairs and coffee tables for comfortable circulation and easy conversation. With challenging spaces such as long and narrow living or family rooms creating "zones" by activity such as reading, TV watching or game playing is a great way to break up a big space while keeping everyone together and connected.

A thoughtful furniture grouping of various furniture styles fosters conversation and connection.

Tip #3: Style

Ladies!  Try not to make your home too "precious", meaning it's so formal that a man can't see himself relaxing there for fear of spilling beer on your hand-tufted silk area rug.  I have to admit, I am guilty of this one (big surprise, right?!). 

And gentlemen, save the man-cave look for the spare bedroom or converted garage, not your primary living space.  You don't want to communicate, "I'd rather be an eternal bachelor or fraternity member", and alienate your woman to another room.  (Ok, unless of course you really do!) 

If you need help defining your "style," create an idea book of favorite images on the home enthusiast website Houzz or popular site