7 Finishing Touches for a Five-Star Holiday Guest Bedroom

Last week my honey and I had the treat of staying at the FABULOUS Terranea Resort in Palos Verdes. Oh la la …I mean, oh la la those guest bedrooms are beautiful, soothing and welcoming.

I asked him “What is it about this room that is making me go ahhhhhh…?”

“The wine,” he smiled….”Me?” he winked.

“No, seriously,” I said,” The hotel designer created a FEELING here and I want to replicate it for my house guests.”

In addition to being beautifully decorated – the reason the room felt so welcoming was that all my “needs” as a guest were anticipated and prepared for before I stepped in the room, not after I called room service!  Anything I could possibly desire to make my stay enjoyable was already there (albeit a steep price for some). The point is, the attention to detail was outstanding.

With this in mind I want to share 7 finishing touches you can incorporate to create a WOW guest bedroom your holiday guests will be talking about!

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Special Touch #1 – When preparing your guest bedroom, make it extra inviting by including a selection of magazines about your guests’ interests or hobbies, several books you think they would enjoy and an area map if they are new to the city. They will feel extra special that you took the time to personalize the room.  Another nice touch, provide a list of your favorite area restaurants and bakeries so guests feel comfortable venturing off on their own.

Special Touch #2 – Make it Merry!  Holiday decorations shouldn’t be limited to just your home’s public areas. Place a small, live Christmas tree in the room, or a fresh wreath if on a budget to give the space a nice fragrance. Or, purchase scented holiday candles and include a fresh floral arrangement so the room feels festive.


Guests will appreciate fresh fruit in their room.

Special Touch #3 – Santa’s not the only one that wants a midnight snack!  Include a small bowl or basket of fresh, washed fruit with a fruit knife, snack-size packages of trail mix or other treats, and a pretty carafe of water with a glass on top.

Special Touch #4 – Start with a comfortable bed, quality linens and a choice of blankets and complement that by offering your house guest a CHOICE of sleeping pillows – firm, soft, or medium. If they have feather or down allergies, keep a hypo-allergenic pillow on hand. Nothing is worse than a poor night’s sleep because you’re sleeping on a pillow that feels like drywall or sneezing!

Cashmere Robe from Restoration Hardware | 2015

Cashmere Robe | Restoration Hardware | 2015

Special Touch #5 – Nothing says luxury like having sumptuously soft bathrobes available in the guest bedroom closet. Restoration Hardware offers a great selection of beautiful plush robes at a reasonable price.  And don’t forget to toss any ugly wire hangers and include nice matching hangers with a few soft hangers for knits, as well as pant and skirt hangers.  Extra bonus points if you have time to line the shelves in your closet! But if you don’t, I won’t tell MARTHA.

Special Touch #6 – Small details like an attractive luggage rack will make unpacking much easier, plus you don’t want luggage that has gotten dirty at the airport resting on a pretty bed.  Crate and Barrel and Ballard Design offer luggage racks in a modern and traditional style respectively, or visit a local antique store.  And be sure not to forget a full-length mirror in the room.

CR Laine | 5556 SPC Cullen | 2015

CR Laine | 5556 SPC Cullen | 2015

Special Touch #7 – If space permits, include a comfortable reading chair and ottoman accompanied by a good reading light.  If you have no room for a floor lamp or table lamp, store a personal Little Bitty Book Light in the night table drawer.  Guests will enjoy a little downtime reading that special magazine you selected while curled up in their plush robe sipping tea. They might even extend their stay!

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